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  chrisgrabski19 Recently I have been fortunate enough to experience two very valuable professional events. One of them was The Intensive Outstanding Teacher Programme in order to eventually facilitate it and soon after I attended a Learning without Limits Network seminar at the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University.    Read More
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What I Know Now…Always Start With The Children… As with all things in school, after careful evaluation and assessment of where we are now, our Assessment for Learning policy has adapted yet again. Last year was a year of incredible change. I think this goes for the majority of schools. Life after levels, meant for many, rethinking systems, policies and overhauling the whole… Mrs Barton on Twitter Thanks to the #LearningFirst community who have helpedRead More
Assessment: The journey so far… I often wonder why I’m so interested in assessment. Why I read about it in my holidays and feel perfectly happy tinkering and engineering my ideas about it all the time. It never feels like work. Well today, as I sit on a Greek island somewhere far away, I know why.  Read More
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Spotted this on Twitter this evening: Schools Week on Twitter A debate about different forms of testing would be valuable says @miss_mcinerney #NRocks Perhaps this article, written by Daisy Christodoulou, for the Policy Exchange, last year, might help kick off a debate for the #LearningFirst community. You can download Daisy’s article here.Read More
So what next? We have a date: 22nd September 2016. We have a venue: Bath Spa University. We have a host: the wonderful Sarah Earle @PriSciEarle. What we need now, is to know what the #LearningFirst community wants next. What do you want the focus to be? What sort of format would you like? What would be most helpful to you? We want to design these events around what you want and need. If #LearningFirstRead More
On this page you’ll learn something about some of those speaking at this (ground-breaking? No…) groundswell @BeyondLevels Sheffield event. Leah Stewart has done a fabulous job of researching and collating these gems for us. Leah blogs on education at Leah has provided the opportunity to… “Read this content to gain real insights into the people behind the well-known names and impressive sounding titles. Put another way: impersonal bios, awkward first person intros and PR styleRead More
Stumbled across a conversation on Twitter this evening. Sean Harford raised the idea of using synoptic assessment. Not ever having across the idea before, luckily @Ephemeral321 came to the rescue: later additions to this post: Sean Harford on Twitter @BeyondLevels @jonnywalker_edu @hellopipski It’ll be interesting to see the responses. Beyond Levels on Twitter Have you seen this, Colin? … What do you think? …  Read More
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You I have had an itch for a while. You know, that sort of itch that you just have to scratch, even in public! This is the tweet from Sean Harford, Ofsted’s National Director, that prompted my public display. As, so often, Sean was responding to the assertion that, the pressure that schools and teachers find themselves under, is essentially Ofsted’s fault.  This is not just an assertion for many, many edu tweeps, but is rifeRead More
James is a Data Analyst and Advisor with 10 years experience in primary, secondary and post-16 sectors. He has a high profile on Twitter and is one of the speakers at our Sheffield conference on 21st May 2016. School Data Updates As increasing numbers of schools question the effectiveness of their incumbent systems and begin to look at alternatives that may better meet the needs of their curriculum and approach to assessment, it’s worth bearingRead More