2018 The @BeyondLevels #LearningFirst Farewell Tour

It is with very mixed emotions that Dame Alison and I share the news that 2018 brings the @BeyondLevels #LearningFirst Farewell Tour. Many of you will remember those first few tweets in February 2016 that began the phenomenon that has been #LearningFirst. We have really been very humbled and proud of the way that thousands of colleagues across the [...]

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James Pembroke: The 5 Golden Rules of tracking

James is a Data Analyst and Advisor with 10 years experience in primary, secondary and post-16 sectors. He has a high profile on Twitter and is one of the speakers at our [...]

What does data mean to you?

Embracing Data This is my first post and about a topic which I never thought I would write about or would be defending it: DATA, but I guess one just needs to stay [...]

Teaching without sets or groupings

https://twitter.com/jmag1979/status/718752035454193664 There is a great deal of interest in this post from people visiting the site. You may also find Helen Hindle's [...]

So, you have your golden ticket. What’s next?

We should now be at the point where everyone who was on the original list and on a reserve list, and wanted a ticket, has one. Despite the attempts of some ISP's security [...]

What small step have you taken in your school this week towards the #LearningFirst vision?

If we are going to seize this agenda using Dame Alison's notion of 'professional courage', then we have to start making changes now, within our very own realms of [...]