Month: April 2016

Synoptic Assessment

Stumbled across a conversation on Twitter this evening. Sean Harford raised the idea of using synoptic assessment. Not ever having across the idea [...]

Could Ofsted be a positive driver for learning in our schools? I wonder…

You I have had an itch for a while. You know, that sort of itch that you just have to scratch, even in public! This is the tweet from Sean Harford, Ofsted's [...]

James Pembroke: The 5 Golden Rules of tracking

James is a Data Analyst and Advisor with 10 years experience in primary, secondary and post-16 sectors. He has a high profile on Twitter and is one of the [...]

What does data mean to you?

Embracing Data This is my first post and about a topic which I never thought I would write about or would be defending it: DATA, but I guess one just needs [...]

Teaching without sets or groupings There is a great deal of interest in this post from people visiting the site. You may also find [...]