Another fabulous #LearningFirst party of positivity and inspiration – teachers talking teaching!!

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Videos of the Lecture Hall presentations:


Another memorable day captured by Penelope Mendonca @MendoncaPen You are free to download and share these images but please ensure that you credit Pen, in all instances.

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Presentation slides from the day (more to come from the other speakers in due course):

Philippa Helliwell – Life after levels within a MAT (a secondary perspective)

Chris Chivers – Transition: From a to b to c Without a Hitch

Richard Lucas & Jane Thornton – Yr6/Yr7 Transition across two Stroud Schools

Carolyn Robson, CBE – Ensuring successful transitions across the Rushey Mead Trust

Jon Barr – Meadowbrook Primary School, Redesigning the wheels or the wings?

Helen Hindle – Beyond Levels in Secondary School Maths

Helen Hindle on Twitter

Probing question sentence starters from #learningfirst session #mixedattainmentmaths

Helen Hindle on Twitter

Favourite mistakes from #learningfirst session #growthmindset #mixedattainmentmaths thanks to @Maths4ukplc for acronym.

Helen Hindle on Twitter

Sentence Starters from my #learningfirst session #growthmindset #mixedattainmentmaths template here

Helen Hindle on Twitter

Understanding arrow from my #learningfirst session #growthmindset #mixedattainmentmaths template here

Helen Hindle on Twitter

Mindset Scale from #learningfirst session #growthmindset #mixedattainmentmaths template here

Dan Rodeck – Life after Levels from Filton Avenue Primary School’s Perspective

Ingrid McLean – Assessing Music at KS3; Keeping it Musical

Gayle Fletcher – It is not the system, but the thought that went into developing it, that has actually influenced a shift in mindset about life without levels

Jim Dees & Ian Bennett – Lesson Study at West Lodge Primary School

Ed Finch – Example reports  Learning-First-School-Reports

James Pembroke – Stop it!!

Sarah Earle – Teacher Assessment in Primary Science

Sean Harford – Sean referred to this report during his presentation KS3 The Wasted Years


Blogs inspired by the day:

Thinking Transition in Bath; Learning First

Thursday 22 nd September 5am, the radio alarm brings a night’s sleep to an end and I get up as quietly as I can, but still manage to wake M. I had to be on the road by about 5.45am, for the trip to…

#LearningFirst Number 2!

I was lucky enough to attend the second #LearningFirst conference on Thursday 22nd September 2016 and, as with the first, I returned inspired and keen to consolidate all I had heard. It also seemed plain to me that when something is right, people just know it; it makes them nod, clap, cheer and celebrate, especially…

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LearningFirst for all. @jpembroke @PriSciEarle @HarfordSean @lisaharford1 @JulesLilly @HantsPriSLT @PrimaryRocks1

And, just some of the tweets from the day: