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Untitled drawing (11)A space for schools to support each other through collaboration and celebration – transforming assessment to inform pedagogy in a school-led system; principled assessment practice that builds the expertise and confidence of children and teachers. Agency for all!

Our Vision
Assessment is a good servant, but a terrible master’ Dylan Wiliam


  • A profession that becomes informed, expert and confident in all aspects of assessment
  • A school-led response to need
  • Cross phase debate and shared learning
  • Opportunities to download examples of children’s work and understand the teaching that preceded it
  • Shared understanding of, ‘what excellence looks like’, in order that aspirations can continually be raised – but to achieve this through learning from each other about what took place to enable the learning to be successful
  • National dialogue about pedagogy, curriculum and assessment that is school-led
  • Partnerships that support inclusion – ways of adapting teaching to ensure all children’s learning is valued
  • School leaders and HMI learning together about assessment, thereby improving practice
  • Platform for examples of low-stakes summative assessment resources across the full breadth of the curriculum. These resources, such as those developed by TAPS, to enable relevant challenging teaching
  • Platform for sharing formative assessment techniques
  • Further reading section with updated research about assessment
  • Videos of children and teachers talking about their learning
  • Videos of classroom practice
  • Written feedback strategies / marking debate
  • Information for parents that resists labeling children
  • Performance management strategies that enable school leaders to confidently and openly reward excellence without recourse to data tracking
  • Leadership strategies that reduce temptation towards gaming results within school
  • Building knowledge about educational assessment that allows fairer national reporting – eg review of RAISEonline and data dashboard
  • #LearningFirst as a pre-cursor to College of Teaching – evidence of what happens when school leaders work together because of a shared need
  • Putting assessment back in its box



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