lal-logo-blue-backgroundThe exemplar standards provide schools with a starting point to decide what ‘good’ looks like for each KPI, as defined in the NAHT Assessment Framework, for reading, writing and maths at Ks1 & 2. The exemplar performance standards are available to download for free from the Life After Levels website.

The exemplar standards have been created by the Life After Levels team and a group of schools leading the way on assessment practice. Following the NAHT Assessment Principles they provide schools and teachers with a comprehensive starting point to implement a robust process for standardisation and moderation within their assessment practice.

“We are excited to release the first set of exemplar performance standards which are aligned with the NAHT Assessment Principles. We have worked closely with a group of schools to ensure these standards were produced following a robust process. They create a focal point for discussions around curriculum progression and the centrality of assessment in high quality teaching and learning.” comments Mick Walker, former director of the QCA, adviser to the DfE and part of the Life After Levels Team.

The performance exemplar standards are part of the Life After Levels campaign, which includes easy access to free advice, training, guidance and resources, including a free Curriculum Designer tool, developed by Frog Education, so schools can build and manage their curriculum and access the new exemplar standards. For more information visit

Examples of materials available on the site: