#LearningFirst Huddersfield – the finale

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with the University of Huddersfield for our final #LearningFirst conference. Following last year’s very successful Partnership Conference, the University of Huddersfield is again running a conference on Thursday 5 July for mentors and partnership schools, this year in collaboration with #LearningFirst @Beyond Levels.

(To view or download the conference programme, scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

Prof Dame Alison Peacock

Dame Alison Peacock of the Chartered College of Teaching will be delivering a keynote address, with workshops from a range of national speakers, as well as from their partnership schools e.g.

Jessica Clynes & Saleha Hollingsworth from Teamworks TSA – Novice to  NQT; planning for trainee progression

An exploration of principles of deliberate practice and their implications for the development of teacher skill to put novice teachers on the path towards expertise.

Lauren Watson & Alex Amarela from Holy Trinity CofE School – The power of positivity in the classroom

Sharing good practice of positive reinforcement through successful case studies within a Primary setting; focusing on positive praise and the impact on behaviour and well-being.

Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School will share their experience of running Nurture Groups in a Primary Inclusion Centre of Excellence – an overview into the daily running and the impact it has on children and the whole school community.

Almondbury Community School – Mindfulness for children and young people. Do you want children who can pay attention and regulate their emotions? Mindfulness teaches these skills.

Mount Pleasant Primary School – Mentoring right: supporting mentors within school. How one primary school supports new and experienced mentors through processes and practices. Relevant to all schools wanting to grow their mentors and mentors who wish to grow.

Mary Myatt

The deliciously erudite Mary Myatt will be presenting a workshop based on her book, High Challenge, Low Threat.

Informed through thousands of conversations over a 20-year period in education, Mary shows the lessons that school management teams can learn from leaders in a wide range of other sectors and points to the conditions which these leaders create to allow colleagues to engage with difficult issues enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.

Mick Walker

Mick Walker, Assessment in schools: sausage machine, dog‘s breakfast or full English?

A former acting Director of QCA and Executive Director of Education at the QCDA, Mick was responsible for national curriculum assessments and supporting the delivery of general qualifications. He was also an adviser to the Expert Group on Assessment in 2009 and more recently supported the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) Commission on Assessment without Levels. Mick is an Associate Director of AQA and Education Adviser to PwC and Frog Education.

Mick Walker is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. He is passionate about education and aligning the aims of a national education and high volume examinations and testing system with the aims and realities of everyday delivery in schools, colleges and the workplace to benefit society and support each individual to reach their true potential.



Vikki Pendry – Painting the World by Numbers 

Developing a rich context for data handling, statistics and problem-solving skills in KS1/2/3 mathematics.

In this interactive session, we will examine colourful data sets that describe the diversity of the world in which we live. We will explore an innovative collection of Numeracy activities aimed at engaging pupils in data handling and problem-solving within the context of our increasingly globalised world. We will generate take away activities to try in classrooms that can be used further as opportunities to explore and… paint the world by numbers. 

Vikki is a freelance Education Consultant (former Deputy Head Teacher and AST for Maths and Sustainable Schools), specialising in curriculum design and development education. Vikki aims to enable educators to plan for children to become lifelong, global learners…using a very ‘hands dirty’ approach! As an associate of the Curriculum Foundation, she is currently working in South Sudan and Uganda on national plans for formative assessment and curriculum redesign. UK teacher training and curriculum resource projects include ‘Global Thinking’ (Global Learning Programme/UCL), Local Heritage Explorer Resources (Wakefield/Lincolnshire/Malvern), ‘Water Explorers’ (HSBC/Global Action Plan) and Creative Curriculum Frameworks (Leeds and York). Vikki created ‘York Edible Schools’ and ‘Energy Heroes’ – projects aimed at helping schools to engage further with their communities.


Simon Smith

Simon Smith, Headteacher of East Whitby Academy – Fostering a love of literature in young people.

Simon believes reading is probably the most important thing we teach children. He is not very keen on book lists, however. He sees them as limiting.

“I want children to see books as a way they can find things out but equally a place where they can visit other places.”

Simon’s parents were not readers and there were very few books in his house. So school was the only place he could access books. He remembers a teacher sharing Animal Farm with his Year 4 class (rather young?) but he found it was a formative experience for him. He recalls crying at the injustice in the book and says that this indicates the power of picking the right books to open up our children’s eyes to the world, to feelings and emotions.

“I am the human I am because of the books I have read.”


Ros Wilson

The indomitable Ros Wilson, author of Big Writing will be closing the day with her reflections of over 50 years in education – ‘If I’d only known then what I know now.’ – not to be missed!

Throughout the day, there will be a strong focus on mentoring and on ‘learning first’ for both trainees and mentors, exploring how mentoring can provide excellent CPD. With a focus on ‘mentoring as CPD’ partnership colleagues will share their ‘mentoring journeys’ and trainees will reflect on ‘being mentored’ as they launch their own careers.

In what promises to be a popular event we will also be showcasing a range of excellent educational practice which is taking place in partner schools and nationally. Topics covered will be as diverse as restorative justice, literacy and oracy, working with children with autism, mindfulness for children and White Rose maths. The conference is open to all Primary, Secondary and EYFS colleagues.

Local colleagues are advised to secure their tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, as it is likely that there will be very strong interest once the event is advertised nationally.

Tickets are just £5.00 and include lunch and refreshments. You can secure your ticket here.


School of Education and Professional Development
Lockside Building
University of Huddersfield

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Download conference programme here: https://beyondlevels.website/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/LearningFirst-Huddersfield-FINAL-conference-programme-25.06.18.pdf

LearningFirst Huddersfield FINAL conference programme 25.06.18

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