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Beyond Levels on Twitter

“One of our contributors to #LearningFirst Bath Spa. Go team!!”

This is a comment that Aimee Tinkler @aimeetinkler left on this blog on 12th June 2016. By this evening (13th June 2016), she has achieved this:

Sean Harford on Twitter

@Esussexfiona @DanRodeck @TeachSchCouncil @DamsonEd @aimeetinkler @BeyondLevels @BristolPTSA Now this is a school-led system response!

Teaching Sch Council on Twitter

From the North West to the South West #SchoolLed colleagues are responding to @aimeetinkler request to collaborate.

Fiona Large on Twitter

@DanRodeck @TeachSchCouncil @DamsonEd @aimeetinkler @BeyondLevels @HarfordSean @BristolPTSA East Sussex would love to be involved!

Daniel Rodeck on Twitter

@TeachSchCouncil @DamsonEd @aimeetinkler @BeyondLevels @HarfordSean I’m sure we can help out from the South-West @BristolPTSA

Sean Harford on Twitter

@aimeetinkler @BeyondLevels @TeachSchCouncil @AlisonMPeacock I would happily support too 🙂

Watch this space, because the #LearningFirst community are on the move again!

If you are a Assessment Specialist Leader of Education, and you would like to be involved, please leave a comment below or contact @aimeetinkler on Twitter. #LearningFirst_SLEs