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The morning session of the conference was captured by the incredibly talented Penelope Mendonca penmendonca.com @MendoncaPen You are free to download and share this image but please ensure that you credit Pen, in all instances.



Speakers’ slides:

James PembrokeWhat gets schools in a tiswas about data?

Andrew Farrell, Rob Criticos & Katy ClarkeA marked improvement? Exploring assessment in light of the recent EEF report.

Simon SmithWhy we need an honest assessment culture and how to create one.


Blogs inspired by the day:

Assessment without Levels -tipping the balance?

16 minutes! That’s all it took. I know because I sent a text before doing it, and then one afterwards to say that I’d done it, and the time elapsed between the two was just 16 minutes. That’s gotta be a record! I’d been putting it off for a while but made the decision to…


Aspirer Research School Goes to #LearningFirst

by Megan Dixon

#LearningFirst – Reasons to be Optimistic About Assessment

Below is the contents of the first part of a presentation I intend to give at the #LearningFirst Conference in Sheffield on the 5th November 2016. In talking about Principled Assessment in Practice and why we should be optimistic, I want to focus on the central assessment concept of validity from three different perspectives.

Reasons to be Optimistic About Principled Classroom Assessment #LearningFirst

Below is the content of the second half of the presentation I gave at the #LearningFirst Conference in Sheffield on the 5th November 2016. Thanks to Dame Alison and Julie for organising and to everyone who gave up their Saturday to attend. Life after level is primarily a curriculum issue rather than a data one.


Storify of the day: