So, you have your golden ticket. What’s next?

We should now be at the point where everyone who was on the original list and on a reserve list, and wanted a ticket, has one. Despite the attempts of some ISP’s security settings to block us out, with a great team effort, we got there in the end.

After our planning meeting this week, we will email all delegates to update you on the plans, as they are going forward.

Those of you unable to join us in Sheffield, will be able to keep in touch with the day via the Internet streaming, the @BeyondLevels Twitter feed and by following the #LearningFirst hashtag.

In the meantime, please do keep contributing via Twitter, and you are welcome to leave comments here, if >140 characters is more appropriate. It is important that we keep the momentum of this going up to Sheffield and beyond, if we are going to have the impact that we need, and want, to have.

Remember folks, this agenda is ours to seize! We can do it in very small steps.

Just think what a difference you could make, if you made one small change a week, in your school.


We have started a blog post to collect the stories of you all, doing just that – taking the small steps towards the future.

The #LearningFirst vision

Are you in?




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  1. We have recently updated our ‘Marking and Feedback Policy’ – which is now simply our ‘Feedback Policy’; taking on practice of child-teacher collaboration and that discussion around child’s work has far greater impact than written ‘stars’ and ‘wishes’. Next stop – overhaul of end of year reports! 😊

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