The future is looking bright, because the future is #LearningFirst

Just a quick update in attempt to lift the spirits of colleagues across the country; some who are reeling from their latest SATs results. You are not alone folks! There are many, many colleagues who are struggling to understand just what has happened. Our only hope is strong and principled leadership, and our belief is that the #LearningFirst community can provide this. We have nearly 1000 colleagues signed up, determined to put #LearningFirst.

So what of the future:

We are currently full steam ahead for #LearningFirst Bath Spa on 22nd September 2016.

#LearningFirst Wolverhampton will be held at Wolverhampton University on 1st October 2016. We are at the very early stages of planning for this event with the venue. More information will be shared as soon as we can.

#LearningFirst SLE & ITE, to be held at Sheffield Hallam University on 5th November 2016. This event will be particularly targeted at SLE and ITE tutor colleagues from across all areas of the country. Again, more information will be shared asap.

In addition, we are have discussions with colleagues in Cumbria, with a view to contributing to an event there.

So there you are, lots to look forward to!



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