What small step have you taken in your school this week towards the #LearningFirst vision?

If we are going to seize this agenda using Dame Alison’s notion of ‘professional courage‘, then we have to start making changes now, within our very own realms of power.

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We ask you to image what a difference you could make, if you resolved to make, just one small step towards the #LearningFirst vision, each week. Multiply that by the 500+ members of the #LearningFirst team.

The impact could be phenomenal, so the moral imperative to do so – overwhelming!

In order small-steps-forwardto encourage and celebrate each other’s small steps, we thought it would be great to collect them here – giving folk an opportunity to share and converse beyond >140 characters.


Let’s see how many small steps we can make before the Sheffield conference. Go team!!!



  1. The small step I am making is to help all schools we work with to discover new ways to look at their “data” with the pupils’ achievement (rather than an inspector’s gaze) in mind. As a company we are also developing parts of our system which allow schools to get information which has an impact on teaching and learning….moving the focus away from graphs and tables which don’t make a difference to anything outside of meetings. Knowing a child is “secure” is not the same as knowing what they need to learn next! Knowing your boys are outperforming your girls is interesting and informative but it still won’t tell you what to do about it. So our small steps are helping schools to move forward without falling back on a safety net of recreated levels.

  2. I think it would be really useful and helpful if we could try to help teachers not to be ground down, worn out, and demotivated by the grindstone of inappropriate assessment and tracking systems. Ally Daubney & I spoke about assessment in music ed not being the same as STEM subjects, for example. Sometimes I feel that Ofsted ‘get it’, but some schools are so wedded to systems that they don’t! So this would be my ‘what next’: Reclaim assessment for teachers and pupils by teachers.

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