Who are we?

#LearningFirst is a community of colleagues from across the education spectrum, with an interest in, and a positive agenda for change in assessment practice, who share and learn from each other.

It started with a tweet in February 2016…



#LearningFirst – the first 24 hours


And, in a matter of months, and a number of conferences later, has developed into a ‘movement’ of over 1000 members. The #LearningFirst community is already empowering its members to effect significant change in their schools.


What I Know Now…Always Start With The Children…

As with all things in school, after careful evaluation and assessment of where we are now, our Assessment for Learning policy has adapted yet again. Last year was a year of incredible change. I think this goes for the majority of schools. Life after levels, meant for many, rethinking systems, policies and overhauling the whole…






Who are the #LearningFirst members?

Largely, the decision makers and change agents…




We were interested to know where delegates for the next Sheffield conference were travelling from.

They travel from far and wide…



We thought #LearningFirst might be a one off event

It wasn’t…



Our existing members love our conferences and we grow our membership with every new event..



So where next?

We go where we are asked…

#LearningFirst Lancaster 26th November #LearningFirst Canterbury 28th January #LearningFirst Torbay date tbc…


Beyond Levels on Twitter

How many daily visits to https://t.co/XpMTHoqRgp on average, do you reckon? #LearningFirst

Beyond Levels on Twitter

Correct!!! Yep, just over a 1000 a day. 8,215 over last 7 days. Go #LearningFirst team 💚 https://t.co/0F6txVNsw6

If you think that our vision and values are a good match with yours, and would like to discuss sponsoring the phenomenon, that is, #LearningFirst, please contact us by emailing: beyondlevels@gmail.com.